If you picked Herding you’re right!  Herding dogs include collies, shelties, shepherds and Old English sheepdogs and have been helping humans keep their flocks!  If you own one of these breeds you may find that these breeds like to keep the members of your family together or herded!

Are these dogs Retrievers, Herding, or Eskimo dogs?

What sort of dogs have had jobs for at least 12,000 years,
By barking & nipping at ducks, sheep & cows but causing no tears?

Driving them out of the pasture and back to their barn.
Helping humans to keep their animals safe and away from all harm.

Science Head Friday

March 10, 2017.

Follow the Braindrops down to discover the correct word!

My sheep will always get back to their barn home,
My herding dog won’t let them get lost or roam.

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