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They're all are right!  The scientific termtardigrade or its nickname water bear and moss piglets, a mysterious critter with a unique protein that helps it survive dreadful conditions for over 10 years.  They produce a protein when they dry out, experience extreme temperature conditions or are pounded with radiation that creates a glass-like wall around them.  When moisture is again introduced this invertebrate is restored to a living state.

It’s an animal that lacks a backbone but over us has a lead.
Neither water or reasonable temperatures is a required need.
They can tuck their head and 8 legs underneath their skin,
And survive a decade in space as they merrily spin.
Then with only a few drops of water they can pop back to life,
And resume living happily with their husband or their wife!

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Is the nickname of this creature a water bear, moss piglet, or tardigrade?

Follow the Braindrops down to discover the correct word!

Who has a life that never ends, it only really fades?

Why it's the adorable moss piglet also known as a tardigrade.