If you picked Newton's first law of motion, you are right!  Newton's first law of motion states that object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in unless another force acts upon it to change it.  So if you are talking and no one interrupts and you keep talking or if you are sleeping and someone wakes you up, these are concepts of Newton’s first law of motion.

Why things stop or continued to move,
Is what Newton’s first law of motion proves.

When I start talking it appears
As if I can go on for 100 years
Unless of course if I have to cease
Because someone is interrupting my peace
And when I am asleep in bed
And an alarm clock rings next to my head
It’s so hard for this dozing proclivity
To change into wakeful activity

Follow the braindrops down to discover the correct answer!

Do these things represent Newton’s first law of motion, Newton’s second law of motion, or Newton’s third law of motion?

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May 19, 2017

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