I’m glad I am a living object
It’s something I’m glad to protect

Am I Alive?

What’s the difference between me and a stone?
Well for one, stones don’t have bones
Without muscles, bones and other joints
If asked to move you’d disappoint
To be alive you need to be able to do seven things
Eat, breathe, excrete, grow, reproduce, & witness springs
If you are not alive, that’s okay
You just wouldn’t feel the sun’s warm rays

Non-living things don’t eat
Non-living things don’t have feet
They can’t move from place to place
And they don’t have breathing apparatus on their face
Non-living things don’t grow with cells
Non-living things don’t hear sounds like bells
They don’t have babies or reproduce
They don’t have emotions or can deduce
Non-living things don’t have eyes
Non-living things of course can’t die

To live is to be aware
To live is to know and share
To be alive is to grow and think
And to also need food and drink

Follow the braindrops down to discover if you are alive

Dictionary Head

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